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What time you leave work?

I recently read this article a Sheryl Sandberg can talk of leaving work at 5.30pm. I consider myself lucky as i did it too except some shabby months.

I have seen some bosses considering the employes who stay 24/7 in office as the best working ones. Some employees waiting till their boss leave even if they don't have work. I also revived some sort of sarcastic remarks that - 'oh she is still here it seems its not yet 5' .

 But now question is  we leave work place ,but do we stop work?  i remember those old days when i didn't have a laptop for work ,when i leave work, thats it no more work till next day.

 But now work is mobile. In a party or in train your smart phone makes sound and you check your mail  and Attending calls  or call people without even checking time. Its like with these laptops,smartphone you work 24hrs. I remember checking the mails in middle of night for some status ,forwarding mails  and replying in some one liners .how much difference it makes  if you leave work by 5.30 to attend work(from home) by 7.30.

Its because of us ,  kids got addicted to these fancy stuff. I have to admit ,and I'm guilty  for giving my  phone to my son sometimes to calm him down if i'm in middle of something.  when i visit temples/malls I see so many kids playing with mobile. Yes we are the cause for that.


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