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Reading with Kids

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

Nowadays i'm reading lot's of Dr Seuss with my 8 year old  . His teacher wants him to read more of 'scholastic ' series and this guy all on 'wimpy kid dairy' or Dr Seuss or anything on lego's.
I feel good he is reading ,but not so glad as he is not reading what he is supposed to . Anyway something is better than nothing. I feel glad that he is finally into this .

Ok so here's the question - How do you develop reading habit? In a year i saw lot of change.Its the environment. both school and at house. He is reading because his teacher encourages him and his friends also read and they discuss in class.

In his former school in India, he was not that much into books.So if you have same issue try a book club. A book club at school is good idea. form a small group with parents and kids. Get some books(age appropriate books) from library  and choose a book for the week. Discuss on that book and let kids come up with what they feel . Don't just set your books to classic ,allow comics also. Let them enjoy reading first.

Happy reading

On the edge

'Waiting for something to happen' - is a the most grilling experience. have you ever experienced this -Sometimes there will be lot of uncertainty and nothing will be clear ,but you have a feeling that you don't belong here ,and then you come up with something and turn things upside down. when you feel you are off the edge,suddenly everything settles well,and you feel you are missing that old stuff.

And sometimes you desperately want some change ,what ever you do will not result in any success , that does not happen and then the moment you stop thinking about it and take a plan B .Boom it happens leaving with choices .
Whatever life is like like mountain road full of turns and never gives a hint what it unfolds. I rather like it this way then a straight road. If things go as planned ,there won't be any fun and adventure!

satyameva jayathe

I was watching 'satyameva jayathe'  featuring  Amir khan . This week discusion was on 'Dowry'.  Hmmm thats very sad to watch that.

 In one case it seems parents have given dowry upto Rs 20 -25 lacs ,and that girl has to endure tourture in her in-laws house. Why? why is that so? why she didn't went back to her parents house? what made her endure their behavior?
Is it not a issue with our society ?? . If we empower our girls, instead of raising them like 'marriage is the only destiny for life' this will change. Its raising them  not to tolerate any thing that  rips their self respect.

why do they  need to marry heir daughters off to such money minded people? how can any one be happy with those kind of money minded people who don't have any respect for women? what do their parents think when they marry off their daughters to such people? what else can they expect out of people like that.


I 'm regular on ted talks . watch this Tali sharot's - the optimism bias

you will start debating on this topic. There is a fine difference between optimism and over confidence.

Kids best example of this,  its summer and our apprtment overlooks the pool. My 2 year old see's so many adults in the pool ,swimming. She thinks she can swims,she even shows how they are moving in the pool. what is this? optimism or over confidence?

she is optimistic that she will not get drowned and she is confident that she can swim. Can an adult who does not know swimming feel the same? so is ignorance a bliss and  helps us in being optimistic?

Happy mothers day!

Happy mothers day to all those great momies!

conspiracy theory

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

no i'm not conspiring anything. I believe in those above lines. we get what we wish for, yes that's true.

most of the time we don't focus of what we want ,instead we keep focusing on what we don't want or what can go wrong. That's it ,we think a lot on that negative side and we get what we focused on.

that's the power of belief. most people  believe in god or gurus or baba etc . when they strongly trust ,they strongly believe that their wishes are going to happen ,without any negative thought,and magically they happen as you get what you wish.

so keep faith ,things will happen!  yes now thats what i  need todo :)


work from home

I often hear my friends wishing they had option of work from home .I used it when my daughter was a small baby. it was my savior those days. I was at home after she was born for 6 months and then took work from home option for another 6 months. if i didn't had that option i would have taken break. for those 6 months ,I still used to go to work place for couple of hours almost everyday .

 I like that flexibility and i have that option ,but i don't like to use it. If i work from home ,i feel more exhausted by end of the day ,oh wait , there is no end of the day.   when we are kids my mom  used to say - relax at office when you go to work  ,and  relax at home when you come back.At that time  I never understood that  , this statement was confusing     but if you are a working mom then you will understand what i'm trying to say.. :)  . now i get it.  relax@office - means forget how many chores are left ,forget dishes in sink or clothes in washer. forget that you need to be on your toes running behind your toddler to feed him. relax@ home  ,moment you step out forget abt your office politics, meetings or todo tasks or status reports.

but whatever -Flexibility is important ,so that we should be able to create and mange our schedule.

waiting for sunshine

I meant it literally. Its been close to year i moved to this rainforest area( ok ,portland) from sunny Hyderabad.
we came here last june ,it was summer at that time ,with long green trails for walk and large trees it looked like a heaven on earth for first 3 months.

After 3 months  ,from start of sept it started raining . rain ,rain everyday! with no glimpses of sun till feb.
from Feb ,its like a peek-a boo game. You see sun sometimes ,you see rain ,some times hail etc.Its getting better now.

But one thing that makes me wonder and also inspire  - rain or shine ,there are people who goes on running outdoors. kudos!

CSA awareness month

I just came to know that April is Childhood Sexual Awareness month .I don't know that there are so many resources. check out more at http://csaawarenessmonth.com/

Any new school or daycare etc i used to check how secure it is. Are other workers allowed near kids? In school bus is my kid the last drop. How is the driver ,who is the escort etc.

 With bad and dangerous world out there ,i always worry if our safety net we weave around our kids world is strong enough ? not sure.