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look who is talking..

Nowadays My little girl is talking nonstop.though she cannot pronounce 'r' ,'ka' ,'ga' , she makes up lot of words.Sometimes its so amazing to see how they think  ,express and do

Like She asks her grandfather to take her out. he says he don't have a car here. then she says i will buy you one ,and asks do you know driving ,you are big ,you should know..

Like when her dad starts ironing  his clothes ,she gets all her tiny
dresses and asks him to do those. he does and giver her ,she says..' no you didn't do it properly do it again ,its not hot' .She make sure he does each one at least 4-5 times :)

when her brother starts playing with his legos, she wants to play.
its funny to see how he says--no its only for kids above 3 ,not for you.but she insists and persistently ask him till he gives some of his big pieces.

the way she switches of lights in all the room if they were on .

the way she says she got stomachache if i ask her to eat or moment she feels full

the when we are searching for something she observers  and then remembers ,goes straight there and gets that

Sometimes those two get along very well. She supports what ever her brother says. Some times they fight like anything.


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