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Satyam Saga

From last week everywhere in new channels.. only news that is constantly shown is on satyam . For those who are unaware of it. This is how the story goes..

last week satyam CEO mr Ramalinga raju resigned to his post stating that the balance sheet of the company is manipulated and shows fictitious assets and does not shows liabilities.

then storm hit the markets.. share price dropped and full media roaring about it.

Media is powerful. Till last week, media described him as a legend and all political parties had good ties with him. Noe all of sudden he became a villan ,and no political party want to mention his name.

I don't support mr. Raju for making up the balance sheet and for that fraud. But i don't know i'm feeling sorry for him , His rise is tremendous and fall is dramatic. i do sympathy on the employees of satyam (around 50k employees). I wish the latest board of directors will drive the company well and will remove the insecurity from the heads of employees.

Marriage or takeover??

Usually our team goes to lunch together. So routine conversations follow. We had this following conversation. Mr. S is recently engaged; His fiancé is still studying her bachelors in medicine, and is very intelligent (he confessed)
Mr S: I told her that I will allow her to study PG if it's in the same city only. This is one condition. (Hmmm what do you mean by allow?)
I asked: what does she want?
Mr S: she wants to study, but she likes me so much that she is OK with this.

I can imagine how much freedom she might be having and why would anyone will say wholeheartedly say no to PG course (Imagine how much effort she might have put to get a Rank in entrance test for getting seat in medicine), just to marry this guy who is setting terms and conditions before getting married. Anyway it's his personal thing!
Another colleague said he had an argument his wife on cleaning house. He strongly believes that those are the duties of women. I asked why... Answer I got is -- my mom and my sister does the same. In our families (what families...) guys don't do anything. (At least you do eating right idiot).

Marriage is not a hostile merger or a takeover to
Come with terms and conditions and negotiations. I used to think getting educated changes things and their perspectives. Now I understand one thing, getting educated and being a professional does not change anything. Of course this does not apply to all men; there are many sensitive and caring persons Right!

moviee time..

It was bit difficult to go to work after taking 1 long week off. luckily as our onshore counterparts are still out of office ,so left home by 5. While going purchased a tickets of a new Telugu movie 'sasirekha parinayam' (meaning 'marriage of sasirekha' ) . That movie was a story about a girl who is forced to marry a NRI without actually meeting and was informed just before the day of marriage.while watching the movie i suddenly realized that i'm actually crying in some scenes especially the scenes where bride-grooms father humiliate brides father at the time of marriage. I could feel tears in my eyes. That same scene happened in our house at the time of my sisters marriage. When that guys family members his two sister who were married and his mom and Dad made my parents run like anything thru out the marriage demanding many things that were not asked in the before talks. My Dad helplessly dancing to their every whim and wish. My mother though suffering with arthritis made to climb four stairs many times in pretext of calling them and listening to that guys sisters stupid requests.
After marriage also them made a big fuss that things were not done properly and even pointed to my sister on her first day there. Poor girl almost ended up in tears .

I know this might be the problem faced by all the brides and their families. Is having a daughter a sin?