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What time you leave work?

I recently read this article a Sheryl Sandberg can talk of leaving work at 5.30pm. I consider myself lucky as i did it too except some shabby months.

I have seen some bosses considering the employes who stay 24/7 in office as the best working ones. Some employees waiting till their boss leave even if they don't have work. I also revived some sort of sarcastic remarks that - 'oh she is still here it seems its not yet 5' .

 But now question is  we leave work place ,but do we stop work?  i remember those old days when i didn't have a laptop for work ,when i leave work, thats it no more work till next day.

 But now work is mobile. In a party or in train your smart phone makes sound and you check your mail  and Attending calls  or call people without even checking time. Its like with these laptops,smartphone you work 24hrs. I remember checking the mails in middle of night for some status ,forwarding mails  and replying in some one liners .how much difference it makes  if you leave work by 5.30 to attend work(from home) by 7.30.

Its because of us ,  kids got addicted to these fancy stuff. I have to admit ,and I'm guilty  for giving my  phone to my son sometimes to calm him down if i'm in middle of something.  when i visit temples/malls I see so many kids playing with mobile. Yes we are the cause for that.

look who is talking..

Nowadays My little girl is talking nonstop.though she cannot pronounce 'r' ,'ka' ,'ga' , she makes up lot of words.Sometimes its so amazing to see how they think  ,express and do

Like She asks her grandfather to take her out. he says he don't have a car here. then she says i will buy you one ,and asks do you know driving ,you are big ,you should know..

Like when her dad starts ironing  his clothes ,she gets all her tiny
dresses and asks him to do those. he does and giver her ,she says..' no you didn't do it properly do it again ,its not hot' .She make sure he does each one at least 4-5 times :)

when her brother starts playing with his legos, she wants to play.
its funny to see how he says--no its only for kids above 3 ,not for you.but she insists and persistently ask him till he gives some of his big pieces.

the way she switches of lights in all the room if they were on .

the way she says she got stomachache if i ask her to eat or moment she feels full

the when we are searching for something she observers  and then remembers ,goes straight there and gets that

Sometimes those two get along very well. She supports what ever her brother says. Some times they fight like anything.

Revisiting Surya namskaras

This is best exercise that ever invented. Seriously i never believed that a set of 12 poses can make such difference. This  gives awesome results.

In Defence of food

I was reading  a book by name -- in Defense of food . Its a good read.

Healthy eating helps in faster recovery! I strongly believe in this. Now adays is more instant  and more and more additives in our food . Fresh Milk ,most of us who had a chance of having fresh from cow know will be good only for one or maximum 2 days if boiled. But now the containers we purchase can stay till 15-20 days. how is that possible without any additives. Vegetables or fruits  like Apples i buy from costco will stay firm for a 15-20 days even outside fridge.  Without any chemical coatings how is that possible.

And  then come much hyped Magic foods  like some berries or seeds?  Earlier our grandparents they know what they are eating. whats in their food. Our parents generation is a messed up one.

I think moderation is key in eating. not exactly counting calories ,but healthy

1. Oils : prefer ghee instead of oils. Olive oil is good for salads ,but not for heating esp the way we cook Indian food. Its good to limit consumption of oils. Think how many fried food were  available to your grand parents generation. Its only once in while for festive foods.

2. Plate with lot of colors : See how many colors of foods you are having per meal. Not the artificial ones ,but the colors imparted to your dishes by vegetables/greens and colors of the fruits you eat.  try to consume atleast 5 differnt colors each time or per day .

3.Limit grains: limit ,don't eliminate completely .I cannot eliminate completely as i cannot stick to that in long term.

4. No processed foods : even the colorfully packed cereals, no processed foods at all. no Chips.no proetin/energy bars, no bakery stuff. If you ever carve them ,prepare on your own .

5.Sugar : do you know sugar accelerates skin's aging process.  limit if possible eliminate completely,you can see for your self.

6. Drinks : i bottle of that orange juice adds 150-300 calories depending on sugar added. eliminate soft drinks completely. They are of no use to you.

7.Eating out : try to not to eat out. You don't know what all added to your food .Limit eating outs for like once in a month etc. If eating out check out healthy options.try new recipes and prepare at home.

Diet should be life style change not a temporary. So don't  starve yourself with fancy diets.

Create and stick to a plan that's practical to you and you can live with for years.

another one

Its been long since i posted any update on this site. Its so crazy at work and inlaws visiting us.
lot of new lessons for me.  One this i learned is some people don't deserve to get help.

why people act so foolishly  .  There was an incident  i helped one female say M  for getting job .i helped her with interview , with reference. I hooked her with another neighbor(S) to baby sit her kid.

S looked her kid hoping that she will drop her once she lands in a job. M got job . Both M and S are not in agreement with daycare charge. So M joined her kid in a different daycare. But she didn't say that to S ,and told S that she will drop once they buy a car.

Now since its me who introduced M to S ,she was saying that she was not payed for those 10/12 hours that she baby sit M's kid.

next day i spoke with M and said its better to pay off . thats the last thing i know i spoke to her on this subject.

this all happened 6-7 months ago. Recently i came to know that M said S that i discouraged her not to join her kid .

 I felt bad,I never thought abt these kind of petty things earlier. But what makes me angry is why can't she say her own reason or whatever. she don't have to join her kid there ,its her kid and its her decision to hire someone who can take care at a less cost .She should say that without any issues . why for small petty things like this people lie? and how can other people believe this,as S did. what happen to commonsense?
 whatever its  a good lesson for me. Some people do not deserve help.