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on my heels

I don't lke if some one interferes with my work ,as a matter of fact any thing-- if i'm working or even cooking.
I don't make a good assistant and if i'm doing some thing i would like to do it. I don't like people steeping in and sorting /messing things. They may think they are helping me. but no they are not. I do ask for help if required,and i don't hesitate to delegate things . 
Past few weeks at work i have to put with some one .One of my colleague M ,always does that. She knows nothing on what i'm doing,she just want to show off that she is also good,mess things .Today i confronted this with her. But do hate these confrontations ,its a kind of ugly . In fact its me who helped her to get a job, helped her with recruiting agencies, helped her with interview. I think she gets intimidated with my presence,so she tries to prove herself . Whatever it is do it your own space ,not in my space. 


its been hectic at work due to holiday season. Retail domain's busy season starts from sept.peak for thanks giving and thru Christmas
So its like crazy at work.
Happy holidays!!

3 months...

Its been 3 months i quit my job. Waiting to get all the necessary paper work to be ready to try my hand in US market.but i enjoyed these 3 months. Its a good break for me from work. Actually i'm working hard now. Seriously staying at home and looking after kids is tough. you need to be on your toes.. always.

I miss Hyderabad :(

and life goes on..

finally settled in new place,new country,new surroundings..when i look back and see... its been 8 years and i changed 6 places,without any second thoughts.  it may be because i like to  change. after all its same everywhere ! cook,clean, eat ,work and sleep. we can't change this routine  anyway!

on sail...

Next few weeks my life is going to change drastically. I quit my job,hold on does not mean I'm not going to look out for another.but i need a break. Its a completely new place, different continent. I see my friends returning to India once their kids are 7/8 years. But here i'm going there now.

I happily returned to india 7 years back ,bought a house here ,settled well (I think so... ,others might not think..,but it does not matter.Why the hell i'm going there now. I quit my job,a very good job,where there is no pressure but pays well without any offer in hand. I must be mad. But i just have one thing in mind. A family should stay together.

don't know how this trip is going to be. Anyway i wish all the best for myself :)

Passport troubles

My passport was about to expire and i applied it for renewal last December.  I applied it thru help desk ,they charged extra 1000k to submit. Till now i didn't got any. Now i need it urgently,as i have a business travel.

Just want to share a few things..

 Do not apply passport in normal mode. Go for tatkal. Trust me go for it even if your feel you have enough time. I have seen instances where it took more then 12 months. And you can avoid brokers to some extent if you go by this.

well its really sad to see that you cannot submit application form also without taking help of 'brokers' .Its so sad. The moment you land there you will be surrounded by so many brokers offering their services.

I wonder howmuch these brokers and employees are getting per month. I  had to approach brokers to get my passport.
I learn few sad facts
1.pour money you can get your passport within in 2 or 3 days. No matter how you apply.
2. money they charge will be inversely proportional to time taken
 Do not listen to brokers when they say they will help you get the passport. Ask them how they can get it.
More important do not pay all the money. some brokers only get you slot to submit application or appointment with assistant passport officer. But that does not help you if you are waiting for your passport. so don't go for that.
These brokers know each and everything on passport office working. They even know which courier and what courier number your passport will be sent.
internally everyday staff will be delegated some file numbers on which they have to work. brokers with bribing officials influence this prioritization. If you apply in tatkal ,your file will be prioritized. Since there are so many application in tatkal mode they will not process normal application.

once application is processed,then it goes to some other departments ,passport number is allocated. Sometimes it will take 15-30 days to get the passport dispatched after that.

then finally in dispatch section they dispatch some passports (they will have fixed number per day) they courier/post. 

Hmmm such a long process. Status updates we get online are not actual. so do not trust them..

i'm still  waiting for my passport , not sure when i will get it.

its a girl- boy thing

my daughter always wants me beside her. I see raising boy is easier than girl. Lots of differences between those two.
My son will be in his own world, he plays.. i mean playing means :take a car ,remove all the parts.. or break it,.. see if you can fit together. he does not bother who is at home.. where his mother is ,or where his grandmother is et as long as someone is attending to his need. now at 7 years ,he is not even at home..playing with his friends . One thing i noticed ,he plays safe,do not try completely new things(like jumping from sofa ,climbing steps if its watery ,or playing with sockets etc) which makes him fall down or injure himself.

but this girl is completely opposite.. she wants everyone to look at her. She has to know what her mom is doing for every 10 mins ,what her dad is up to. should not shout at her, raising voice is enough to bring tears in her eyes. she can't speak properly,but she wants things in her way.  As soon as i come home ,i have to take her into my arms ,if not tears will flow from her eyes.her brother as soon as he comes from school ,should come to her(he will not do that,as he will be in his ow n world),but she does not leave him,she goes after him and make sure he acknowledge her. she will be with me whole time. I will be working on something  in kitchen,she will be playing with utensils/cupboard doors ,or water. Which makes her prone to accidents,then i have to stop what ever I'm doing.take her and console her. Hm mm I'm not able to go to walking,not able to watch a movie completely ,not able to cook my favorite dish without taking breaks.sometimes i get frustrated,but her smile creates some magic,making me forget other things..

weight loss

I feel now a days I'm not being more sedentary. thanks to my kids who keep me on my toes. But want to reduce few kgs esp near tummy. should start my fitness activities again!

Handling departures

One of the tough things to be a boss is how you can make people stick even if the works sucks and even if your company pyas low. I'm having that challenge currently. I'm doing all i can to make team enggaged and constantly motivating.
what i feel top killers are

1. Compensation
2. Monotony at work
3.No chances of growth
4.Your Boss

so now i have again work with Talent Acquisition team to get new person onboard and let work not get affected etc. I hate this...

niche player

First day

She was looking at her mom and dad. They are dressing up ,must be going to 'AAch' . But no sign of grannd pa or granny. So who will be with me? she thought.

Dad opened the gate... Mee.. mee... she waved her hands. He took her and placed her in front seat. No this time i will not go to grandpa.. i will sit here.. she thought ,holding her hand firmly and grabbing the seat belt.
there came mom, mom took her and placed her on lap. Dad started driving.
Ooh cool these people are taking me out. Thats good. Car stopped before a colorful 3 storied building. Wow there were lots of colorful drawings on the wall. hey there is a swing.!

Mom is talking to someone. Giving money... and writing something. Hey look there are many toys here. and many little girls and boys like me..
 hmmm let me grab that toy. she started playing.  after some time,she notices her mom and dad are not there.
No she didn't cried. Not while having lunch ,not while going to Nap,not while getting up from sleep.

but she cried when she saw her mother in the evening. She cried till her mother held. Then she stopped ,held her mommy closely.

My daughter's first day at her Day care... Love you my dear!

Office meetings

well when you are part of some so called leadership team, i'm not completely part of it,but dragged into it as up coming ,you have to bear those boring meetings where you just discuss and do nothing. so to be a  senior manger or a VP, you need to do follwoing

1. Do nothing. Yeah thats correct you have to do 'nothing'
2. Be busy all the time. create appointments on you calendar if you didn't till now
3. be intellectual  ;) Confuse you peers or DR's. Talk to them in such a way that they don't have a clue on what you mean .
4. take no stand. ,don't say yes or no. 'It depends' is your answer if you have to be specific. follow point 3.
5. always talk about long term. ...Yeah you don't have a clue on how you manage your short term
6. Schedule a meeting for everything. 

if you think you are having any of those 5 symptoms. Congratulations,you are soon going to make it. The more higher you go up the ladder,the more you master them

Happy sankranthi

Happy makara sankranthi !


this was my old post ...before comming back to work..

Annual shut down, vacation starts from tomorrow.  10 days of holidays! but we are going to my in-laws house. Feeling so sad.. its not because I don’t like them or its not because I have any problems there. they do stay with us for most part of year in our house.
its just I want to be at my house. I want to wake up at whatever time I want. I don’t want any pressure on me to get up early ,no sounds from my kitchen that some one is in kitchen . just laze around! no need to rush my kid to school.Stay on bed till 8 atleast, watch my favorite shows in TV ,for which I don’t get a chance normally. it will be either some toon or some high dose of sentimental serials . play ,read some books…
hmmmm need to start tomorrow. Hubby will be driving 400km. long journey, wondering how it goes.
my sis-in-laws place first stop,oh not that, my mil wants’ to attend some wedding, if I recollect correctly that’s wedding of her distant cousin’s son. no no her cousin ,stays nearby to our house. she didn’t called as far as I know. but my mil never misses any marriages or as a matter of fact any functions in her relatives place. normally she gets sick if she does any household chores ,its interesting she don’t get tired or get sick of she has to travel 500kms just to attend some function of her distant cousin.
anyway that’s her life,and  that does not bother me. i want to be at my place.

Telangan report is out

Most waited report is out! does it help to reach any conclusions? for that we need to wait and see. I 'm from coastal andhra pradesh. wait .. my district is one of the backward districts in coastal AP.
 I do vote for united andhrapradesh. Yes. but why do I? do i get affected if state divides, whats the direct impact on me..  answer to all these questions is NO. I stayed in banglore ,same way i can stay in Hyderabad too if its part of telangana. I don't know anything about ap formation or telangana  merging etc. I really doubts how many know that. It happened before we were born (i'm a 80 born). But you see its more like letting something go. I don't want to become foreign here. actually i don't have any one at my home town. my parents also settled here after we settled in Hyderabad.

I feel those allegations made my TRS etc and the langauge they use are offensive.

1. self respect: i don't understand how they can bring self respect here. representative is elected by the people will be ruling the constituency , and then they elect their leader. so this is base less.  if this becomes valid ,then south people can also raise this and say that we are being ruled by a north indian PM and it matter of our self respect ,we want seperate PM or seperate country.

2. Ecnomically backward: many parts even in costal AP  are also backward. If every backward area wants seperate state then we will have more than 100 states.  But question is why are they 'backward' . what were those people elected representatives doing from past 50 years. are they sleeping till now?

It really hurts the way some leaders are speaking now a days. You can threaten whole community,and say we will not let you on the roads etc.  they should be prosecuted for those statements. This kind of extremism is not acceptable from any one. We are in a democratic country and everyone has right to have their own opinion.If they don't have tolerance then how can people in hyderabad have confidence that they will be safe if hyd goes to telanagna.

Monday morning Blues...

Its been 10 days i been to office. Today very very un reluctantly i have to go .. My 1 year old daughter was watching with surprise as i'm packing my bags and wearing my tag. she got used to be with me every moment since 10 days.10 days flew like any thing
i guess i might have forgot my password .

Back to work ! back to traffic congested roads!