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on sail...

Next few weeks my life is going to change drastically. I quit my job,hold on does not mean I'm not going to look out for another.but i need a break. Its a completely new place, different continent. I see my friends returning to India once their kids are 7/8 years. But here i'm going there now.

I happily returned to india 7 years back ,bought a house here ,settled well (I think so... ,others might not think..,but it does not matter.Why the hell i'm going there now. I quit my job,a very good job,where there is no pressure but pays well without any offer in hand. I must be mad. But i just have one thing in mind. A family should stay together.

don't know how this trip is going to be. Anyway i wish all the best for myself :)

Passport troubles

My passport was about to expire and i applied it for renewal last December.  I applied it thru help desk ,they charged extra 1000k to submit. Till now i didn't got any. Now i need it urgently,as i have a business travel.

Just want to share a few things..

 Do not apply passport in normal mode. Go for tatkal. Trust me go for it even if your feel you have enough time. I have seen instances where it took more then 12 months. And you can avoid brokers to some extent if you go by this.

well its really sad to see that you cannot submit application form also without taking help of 'brokers' .Its so sad. The moment you land there you will be surrounded by so many brokers offering their services.

I wonder howmuch these brokers and employees are getting per month. I  had to approach brokers to get my passport.
I learn few sad facts
1.pour money you can get your passport within in 2 or 3 days. No matter how you apply.
2. money they charge will be inversely proportional to time taken
 Do not listen to brokers when they say they will help you get the passport. Ask them how they can get it.
More important do not pay all the money. some brokers only get you slot to submit application or appointment with assistant passport officer. But that does not help you if you are waiting for your passport. so don't go for that.
These brokers know each and everything on passport office working. They even know which courier and what courier number your passport will be sent.
internally everyday staff will be delegated some file numbers on which they have to work. brokers with bribing officials influence this prioritization. If you apply in tatkal ,your file will be prioritized. Since there are so many application in tatkal mode they will not process normal application.

once application is processed,then it goes to some other departments ,passport number is allocated. Sometimes it will take 15-30 days to get the passport dispatched after that.

then finally in dispatch section they dispatch some passports (they will have fixed number per day) they courier/post. 

Hmmm such a long process. Status updates we get online are not actual. so do not trust them..

i'm still  waiting for my passport , not sure when i will get it.