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Recently an acid attack incident happened, two girls were attacked and acid is thrown on their face by 3 guys. Reason that girl didn't accept love of one of the guy. Yesterday some what similar incident happened an upcoming film star is killed by a guy as she is maintaining distance from him due to her new found stardom.
In a relation ship everyone has a right to walkout. In that acid attack case poor girl she didn't even had any relationship with him, she has every right to say no to his forced love. If his heart broke that’s his problem. It immediately pops a question in my head--- why we don't see women attacking en and killing them for rejecting them. Is it that women don't get rejected at all? Is it that men never leave their wives/girlfriends for others? Yes this rejection happens in both cases. But we don't go on roads and pour acid on them, we don't broke in to their apartments and kill them.We sulk in and curse our destiny!! Why??? Because Simple reason is when we reject them its their pride that gets hurts. They consider women as a prized possession they own similar to a piece of land.
It hurts their feelings and pride when we leave them. It's not because of their love ,but its because of their pride.

In newspaper one letter came from a young man stating that women are the prime cause for this type of incidents. He said that men are provoked. What a joke!! Hmm many of my male colleagues also expresses same type of views ,if a women dress stylishly then it means she becomes a public property,
do we only dress for them?? Ok let me put it like this Do men dress for women? Do they put a nice piece of tie ,to impress women? Is dressing only to impress members of opposite sex? Feel like We women have right to wear what ever we want and reject whom ever we wish to. We are not a piece of land or a wall hanging you own..


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