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Marriage or takeover??

Usually our team goes to lunch together. So routine conversations follow. We had this following conversation. Mr. S is recently engaged; His fiancé is still studying her bachelors in medicine, and is very intelligent (he confessed)
Mr S: I told her that I will allow her to study PG if it's in the same city only. This is one condition. (Hmmm what do you mean by allow?)
I asked: what does she want?
Mr S: she wants to study, but she likes me so much that she is OK with this.

I can imagine how much freedom she might be having and why would anyone will say wholeheartedly say no to PG course (Imagine how much effort she might have put to get a Rank in entrance test for getting seat in medicine), just to marry this guy who is setting terms and conditions before getting married. Anyway it's his personal thing!
Another colleague said he had an argument his wife on cleaning house. He strongly believes that those are the duties of women. I asked why... Answer I got is -- my mom and my sister does the same. In our families (what families...) guys don't do anything. (At least you do eating right idiot).

Marriage is not a hostile merger or a takeover to
Come with terms and conditions and negotiations. I used to think getting educated changes things and their perspectives. Now I understand one thing, getting educated and being a professional does not change anything. Of course this does not apply to all men; there are many sensitive and caring persons Right!


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