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Its been long since i posted any update on this site. Its so crazy at work and inlaws visiting us.
lot of new lessons for me.  One this i learned is some people don't deserve to get help.

why people act so foolishly  .  There was an incident  i helped one female say M  for getting job .i helped her with interview , with reference. I hooked her with another neighbor(S) to baby sit her kid.

S looked her kid hoping that she will drop her once she lands in a job. M got job . Both M and S are not in agreement with daycare charge. So M joined her kid in a different daycare. But she didn't say that to S ,and told S that she will drop once they buy a car.

Now since its me who introduced M to S ,she was saying that she was not payed for those 10/12 hours that she baby sit M's kid.

next day i spoke with M and said its better to pay off . thats the last thing i know i spoke to her on this subject.

this all happened 6-7 months ago. Recently i came to know that M said S that i discouraged her not to join her kid .

 I felt bad,I never thought abt these kind of petty things earlier. But what makes me angry is why can't she say her own reason or whatever. she don't have to join her kid there ,its her kid and its her decision to hire someone who can take care at a less cost .She should say that without any issues . why for small petty things like this people lie? and how can other people believe this,as S did. what happen to commonsense?
 whatever its  a good lesson for me. Some people do not deserve help.


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