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Moving on..

Well count down stared. Hmmm so many things to do. But i'm too confused where to start. Kids are excited.
I'm having mixed feelings. not too happy but not feeling bad.Yesterday had a potluck at our friends house. I will be missing them all. Hope everthing goes smooth as planned,and not hoping any adventures in this trip.


late reactions..

How do you feel if you just quit your job and don't have another offer at hand , and you don't have any thoughts on staying at home ? Well i just did that , and I don't feel a pinch , this is  because I'm too optimistic  and think that things will be on track and another reason is my brain normally don't  understand impact till the last moment. 
even on Collage last day ,when most of my class mates were in tears ,didn't feel that it was last day till the very next day.
or on my Marriage day didn't cried when i was leaving my parents
or undergoing surgeries
 or the moment when my son was inside a moving train and those damn trains doors got closed when i was trying to climb ,all i did was kept walking and calling my husband

i didn't cried  not because i'm brave ,simply because my brain was not able to comprehend  how i should emote , it was busy in coming up with plan b's or dreaming that things will be alright

Well anyway this is not the first time ,and  this will not be the last time. Ignorance is Bliss.

Rose garden visit

Rose garden in Portland is one of the oldest public garden of its kind in the US!

You can find so many varieties of roses

Different colors

Mount hood view from Rose garden


You know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon...everything's different. Look at your pictures,your kids  ,its all changed. Your bundle of joy , so small ,so much depending on you... changed so much. Now says what color she wants to wear and what she wants to eat ,and reject your authority(?) .
wears those tiny shoes and wants to go to school with her brother.

hmmm anyway, we are also on the way for change. Changing home,changing city ,changing job. I have to get one anyway! wish me luck :)