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work from home

I often hear my friends wishing they had option of work from home .I used it when my daughter was a small baby. it was my savior those days. I was at home after she was born for 6 months and then took work from home option for another 6 months. if i didn't had that option i would have taken break. for those 6 months ,I still used to go to work place for couple of hours almost everyday .

 I like that flexibility and i have that option ,but i don't like to use it. If i work from home ,i feel more exhausted by end of the day ,oh wait , there is no end of the day.   when we are kids my mom  used to say - relax at office when you go to work  ,and  relax at home when you come back.At that time  I never understood that  , this statement was confusing     but if you are a working mom then you will understand what i'm trying to say.. :)  . now i get it.  relax@office - means forget how many chores are left ,forget dishes in sink or clothes in washer. forget that you need to be on your toes running behind your toddler to feed him. relax@ home  ,moment you step out forget abt your office politics, meetings or todo tasks or status reports.

but whatever -Flexibility is important ,so that we should be able to create and mange our schedule.


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