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satyameva jayathe

I was watching 'satyameva jayathe'  featuring  Amir khan . This week discusion was on 'Dowry'.  Hmmm thats very sad to watch that.

 In one case it seems parents have given dowry upto Rs 20 -25 lacs ,and that girl has to endure tourture in her in-laws house. Why? why is that so? why she didn't went back to her parents house? what made her endure their behavior?
Is it not a issue with our society ?? . If we empower our girls, instead of raising them like 'marriage is the only destiny for life' this will change. Its raising them  not to tolerate any thing that  rips their self respect.

why do they  need to marry heir daughters off to such money minded people? how can any one be happy with those kind of money minded people who don't have any respect for women? what do their parents think when they marry off their daughters to such people? what else can they expect out of people like that.


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