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New year resolutions

Happy new year!
like every year this time also as usual my resolutions are almost same
1. should try to put my best in relationships and my career
2. should not speak harsh words and hurt other people feelings
3. Should try to eco friendly ,use no plastic bags
4. at least one good deed like providing education for one poor child

i will stop this list here only. First 1 is not measurable. but i will do one thing ,if i feel i spoke harsh to some one ,i will write it down.(I'm sure my book will be full with entries..:) )
anyway happy new year ! may this year should bring peace to world. No more bombings or terrorist attacks on innocent people. God help us all!


what if I'm not built of that type.. says Jerry (from film Jerry McGuire)
in one instance he says to his friend why he is not getting big deals as some of his mates.. because he always eyes on rewards other than the game.. a paycheck man..

this applies to our lives also.. . If we try to live without any inhibitions like what others think.. if i do this, this may spoil my image.. yeah image... typical i need to live like this.. i need to behave like this.. i need to dress like this.. society.. etc imagine... hmmm no I'm not able to imagine also..

kudos to those exceptionally blessed people who lives by their terms without any of those crap things running in their minds.

Vacation mood

Hurry... Holidays again... I really love the Christmas week. Well I'm don't follow that religion, but still like the colors it brings... and mood it impends... yeah... Holiday mood, with celebrations reaching peek on New Year! With office parties and Christmas parties everywhere. These parties are also hit by recession this time. With offices doing cost cutting, they are not yet vanished.

I'm completely in a holiday mood. Well I didn't attended year end office party this year. Hmm no mood to see all that drama.

where are we..

After reading the following news…, i nearly ended up in tears!


How much trauma these people might be experiencing.. my heart goes out for them. This is a serious problem, how safe are we and our kids.. This thought makes me nauseous.

These type of incidents hurts trust we have on our society and humanity. Can they ever administer any medicine to their kids? Can they ever come out of this nightmare?

where are we

Recently an acid attack incident happened, two girls were attacked and acid is thrown on their face by 3 guys. Reason that girl didn't accept love of one of the guy. Yesterday some what similar incident happened an upcoming film star is killed by a guy as she is maintaining distance from him due to her new found stardom.
In a relation ship everyone has a right to walkout. In that acid attack case poor girl she didn't even had any relationship with him, she has every right to say no to his forced love. If his heart broke that’s his problem. It immediately pops a question in my head--- why we don't see women attacking en and killing them for rejecting them. Is it that women don't get rejected at all? Is it that men never leave their wives/girlfriends for others? Yes this rejection happens in both cases. But we don't go on roads and pour acid on them, we don't broke in to their apartments and kill them.We sulk in and curse our destiny!! Why??? Because Simple reason is when we reject them its their pride that gets hurts. They consider women as a prized possession they own similar to a piece of land.
It hurts their feelings and pride when we leave them. It's not because of their love ,but its because of their pride.

In newspaper one letter came from a young man stating that women are the prime cause for this type of incidents. He said that men are provoked. What a joke!! Hmm many of my male colleagues also expresses same type of views ,if a women dress stylishly then it means she becomes a public property,
do we only dress for them?? Ok let me put it like this Do men dress for women? Do they put a nice piece of tie ,to impress women? Is dressing only to impress members of opposite sex? Feel like We women have right to wear what ever we want and reject whom ever we wish to. We are not a piece of land or a wall hanging you own..

Bored to core

I feel like suddenly I’m all alone .Have you ever experienced this sort of feeling. I'm really bored. I’m in this new team

Ok now i question my self, what do i want? A friend at work.. Hmm my honest answer is nooooo. I'm not in mood to make new friends now.I still miss my very dear Friend CH ,so i honestly don't want to make any new close friends. 'Friend' in my words mean a real(yeah ,will there be virtual also???) person with whom i can just open up my all feelings and thoughts. We had great time together,I really miss him. This is one of the reason why i don't get close to everyone.

New season

Luckily I'm out of that wacky team. Moved to other team.. Need to see how this goes. Well with job market like this, I thought of not looking out of this company.
Yesterday was filling my appraisals. Hmm yeah year end drama. My appraisals will be done by my previous manager M. So no hopes as of now how ratings will be.Anyway I really don't care.

Well this new team is an interesting one.. I mean the people. Well one is a regular blogger. Cool! I can say she again inspired me into this blog thing.
Thanks R for making me write this. I really admire her.

Well I 'm not a good writer. Bear with me... I will improve.

Wacky office

Hmmm office politics are amazing. I'm working in this company from past 15 months. My boss is bit fickle minded; don't know what mood he will be in what time. His attitude like u report to me ,I'm your boss and I'm the only perfect person here.
well my group is as usual full 'want to save my ass first' types.. I'm so pally with this girl P. P is a good resource to have, she is a bit low on making up stories and brushing up the work she did ,not a show off type ,she suffered a lot. Well my Manager M created a lot of problems for her.. Well those are problems for her goes like this
P fell ill calls M in morning and asks for leave
M gets irritated and says she cannot take adhoc leave like this and mails her that its unacceptable behavior blah blah..
P starts crying.. Almost..
Many scenarios like this.
It seems whole team has issues with M ,So his year end rating got screwed (360 Deg review ,given by direct reportees.. ha ha )
Now he is even more irritated as his boos asked explanation on this.. Now it seems his boos asked to release whole team. So he arranged an internal Intw for P to other group. And P was not able to answer some process related stuff. And M made this a big issue and scolded her in Team meeting ,Actually he can constructively say those remarks to her on a one-on-one and can correct her as he is her mentor.

Now P wants to Quit.

I don't understand why people want to run away from problems and problem making people. What do we loose if we say -- Hey I don't want you to say these things to me though you are my boss I really don't care for your whims. I'm here to do my job.

If she runs away from here, and joins other company what guarantee that she don't find same type boss there. What does she loose to confront him If she decided to leave at least he will realize that right?