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Telangan report is out

Most waited report is out! does it help to reach any conclusions? for that we need to wait and see. I 'm from coastal andhra pradesh. wait .. my district is one of the backward districts in coastal AP.
 I do vote for united andhrapradesh. Yes. but why do I? do i get affected if state divides, whats the direct impact on me..  answer to all these questions is NO. I stayed in banglore ,same way i can stay in Hyderabad too if its part of telangana. I don't know anything about ap formation or telangana  merging etc. I really doubts how many know that. It happened before we were born (i'm a 80 born). But you see its more like letting something go. I don't want to become foreign here. actually i don't have any one at my home town. my parents also settled here after we settled in Hyderabad.

I feel those allegations made my TRS etc and the langauge they use are offensive.

1. self respect: i don't understand how they can bring self respect here. representative is elected by the people will be ruling the constituency , and then they elect their leader. so this is base less.  if this becomes valid ,then south people can also raise this and say that we are being ruled by a north indian PM and it matter of our self respect ,we want seperate PM or seperate country.

2. Ecnomically backward: many parts even in costal AP  are also backward. If every backward area wants seperate state then we will have more than 100 states.  But question is why are they 'backward' . what were those people elected representatives doing from past 50 years. are they sleeping till now?

It really hurts the way some leaders are speaking now a days. You can threaten whole community,and say we will not let you on the roads etc.  they should be prosecuted for those statements. This kind of extremism is not acceptable from any one. We are in a democratic country and everyone has right to have their own opinion.If they don't have tolerance then how can people in hyderabad have confidence that they will be safe if hyd goes to telanagna.


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