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In Defence of food

I was reading  a book by name -- in Defense of food . Its a good read.

Healthy eating helps in faster recovery! I strongly believe in this. Now adays is more instant  and more and more additives in our food . Fresh Milk ,most of us who had a chance of having fresh from cow know will be good only for one or maximum 2 days if boiled. But now the containers we purchase can stay till 15-20 days. how is that possible without any additives. Vegetables or fruits  like Apples i buy from costco will stay firm for a 15-20 days even outside fridge.  Without any chemical coatings how is that possible.

And  then come much hyped Magic foods  like some berries or seeds?  Earlier our grandparents they know what they are eating. whats in their food. Our parents generation is a messed up one.

I think moderation is key in eating. not exactly counting calories ,but healthy

1. Oils : prefer ghee instead of oils. Olive oil is good for salads ,but not for heating esp the way we cook Indian food. Its good to limit consumption of oils. Think how many fried food were  available to your grand parents generation. Its only once in while for festive foods.

2. Plate with lot of colors : See how many colors of foods you are having per meal. Not the artificial ones ,but the colors imparted to your dishes by vegetables/greens and colors of the fruits you eat.  try to consume atleast 5 differnt colors each time or per day .

3.Limit grains: limit ,don't eliminate completely .I cannot eliminate completely as i cannot stick to that in long term.

4. No processed foods : even the colorfully packed cereals, no processed foods at all. no Chips.no proetin/energy bars, no bakery stuff. If you ever carve them ,prepare on your own .

5.Sugar : do you know sugar accelerates skin's aging process.  limit if possible eliminate completely,you can see for your self.

6. Drinks : i bottle of that orange juice adds 150-300 calories depending on sugar added. eliminate soft drinks completely. They are of no use to you.

7.Eating out : try to not to eat out. You don't know what all added to your food .Limit eating outs for like once in a month etc. If eating out check out healthy options.try new recipes and prepare at home.

Diet should be life style change not a temporary. So don't  starve yourself with fancy diets.

Create and stick to a plan that's practical to you and you can live with for years.


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