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its a girl- boy thing

my daughter always wants me beside her. I see raising boy is easier than girl. Lots of differences between those two.
My son will be in his own world, he plays.. i mean playing means :take a car ,remove all the parts.. or break it,.. see if you can fit together. he does not bother who is at home.. where his mother is ,or where his grandmother is et as long as someone is attending to his need. now at 7 years ,he is not even at home..playing with his friends . One thing i noticed ,he plays safe,do not try completely new things(like jumping from sofa ,climbing steps if its watery ,or playing with sockets etc) which makes him fall down or injure himself.

but this girl is completely opposite.. she wants everyone to look at her. She has to know what her mom is doing for every 10 mins ,what her dad is up to. should not shout at her, raising voice is enough to bring tears in her eyes. she can't speak properly,but she wants things in her way.  As soon as i come home ,i have to take her into my arms ,if not tears will flow from her eyes.her brother as soon as he comes from school ,should come to her(he will not do that,as he will be in his ow n world),but she does not leave him,she goes after him and make sure he acknowledge her. she will be with me whole time. I will be working on something  in kitchen,she will be playing with utensils/cupboard doors ,or water. Which makes her prone to accidents,then i have to stop what ever I'm doing.take her and console her. Hm mm I'm not able to go to walking,not able to watch a movie completely ,not able to cook my favorite dish without taking breaks.sometimes i get frustrated,but her smile creates some magic,making me forget other things..


Indranee said...

That's why girls are special...nice post:)

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