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this was my old post ...before comming back to work..

Annual shut down, vacation starts from tomorrow.  10 days of holidays! but we are going to my in-laws house. Feeling so sad.. its not because I don’t like them or its not because I have any problems there. they do stay with us for most part of year in our house.
its just I want to be at my house. I want to wake up at whatever time I want. I don’t want any pressure on me to get up early ,no sounds from my kitchen that some one is in kitchen . just laze around! no need to rush my kid to school.Stay on bed till 8 atleast, watch my favorite shows in TV ,for which I don’t get a chance normally. it will be either some toon or some high dose of sentimental serials . play ,read some books…
hmmmm need to start tomorrow. Hubby will be driving 400km. long journey, wondering how it goes.
my sis-in-laws place first stop,oh not that, my mil wants’ to attend some wedding, if I recollect correctly that’s wedding of her distant cousin’s son. no no her cousin ,stays nearby to our house. she didn’t called as far as I know. but my mil never misses any marriages or as a matter of fact any functions in her relatives place. normally she gets sick if she does any household chores ,its interesting she don’t get tired or get sick of she has to travel 500kms just to attend some function of her distant cousin.
anyway that’s her life,and  that does not bother me. i want to be at my place.


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