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First day

She was looking at her mom and dad. They are dressing up ,must be going to 'AAch' . But no sign of grannd pa or granny. So who will be with me? she thought.

Dad opened the gate... Mee.. mee... she waved her hands. He took her and placed her in front seat. No this time i will not go to grandpa.. i will sit here.. she thought ,holding her hand firmly and grabbing the seat belt.
there came mom, mom took her and placed her on lap. Dad started driving.
Ooh cool these people are taking me out. Thats good. Car stopped before a colorful 3 storied building. Wow there were lots of colorful drawings on the wall. hey there is a swing.!

Mom is talking to someone. Giving money... and writing something. Hey look there are many toys here. and many little girls and boys like me..
 hmmm let me grab that toy. she started playing.  after some time,she notices her mom and dad are not there.
No she didn't cried. Not while having lunch ,not while going to Nap,not while getting up from sleep.

but she cried when she saw her mother in the evening. She cried till her mother held. Then she stopped ,held her mommy closely.

My daughter's first day at her Day care... Love you my dear!


indie-oung said...

awesome piece direct from a mum's heart!
only mums can write posts after posts dedicated to their child.

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