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on my heels

I don't lke if some one interferes with my work ,as a matter of fact any thing-- if i'm working or even cooking.
I don't make a good assistant and if i'm doing some thing i would like to do it. I don't like people steeping in and sorting /messing things. They may think they are helping me. but no they are not. I do ask for help if required,and i don't hesitate to delegate things . 
Past few weeks at work i have to put with some one .One of my colleague M ,always does that. She knows nothing on what i'm doing,she just want to show off that she is also good,mess things .Today i confronted this with her. But do hate these confrontations ,its a kind of ugly . In fact its me who helped her to get a job, helped her with recruiting agencies, helped her with interview. I think she gets intimidated with my presence,so she tries to prove herself . Whatever it is do it your own space ,not in my space. 


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