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Office meetings

well when you are part of some so called leadership team, i'm not completely part of it,but dragged into it as up coming ,you have to bear those boring meetings where you just discuss and do nothing. so to be a  senior manger or a VP, you need to do follwoing

1. Do nothing. Yeah thats correct you have to do 'nothing'
2. Be busy all the time. create appointments on you calendar if you didn't till now
3. be intellectual  ;) Confuse you peers or DR's. Talk to them in such a way that they don't have a clue on what you mean .
4. take no stand. ,don't say yes or no. 'It depends' is your answer if you have to be specific. follow point 3.
5. always talk about long term. ...Yeah you don't have a clue on how you manage your short term
6. Schedule a meeting for everything. 

if you think you are having any of those 5 symptoms. Congratulations,you are soon going to make it. The more higher you go up the ladder,the more you master them


indie-oung said...

i just correlate with the 4th point there as most of the time my friends fail to understand what I talk about! Fools don't know I might just be a v.p someday(heeheeee)

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