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Reading with Kids

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

Nowadays i'm reading lot's of Dr Seuss with my 8 year old  . His teacher wants him to read more of 'scholastic ' series and this guy all on 'wimpy kid dairy' or Dr Seuss or anything on lego's.
I feel good he is reading ,but not so glad as he is not reading what he is supposed to . Anyway something is better than nothing. I feel glad that he is finally into this .

Ok so here's the question - How do you develop reading habit? In a year i saw lot of change.Its the environment. both school and at house. He is reading because his teacher encourages him and his friends also read and they discuss in class.

In his former school in India, he was not that much into books.So if you have same issue try a book club. A book club at school is good idea. form a small group with parents and kids. Get some books(age appropriate books) from library  and choose a book for the week. Discuss on that book and let kids come up with what they feel . Don't just set your books to classic ,allow comics also. Let them enjoy reading first.

Happy reading


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