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On the edge

'Waiting for something to happen' - is a the most grilling experience. have you ever experienced this -Sometimes there will be lot of uncertainty and nothing will be clear ,but you have a feeling that you don't belong here ,and then you come up with something and turn things upside down. when you feel you are off the edge,suddenly everything settles well,and you feel you are missing that old stuff.

And sometimes you desperately want some change ,what ever you do will not result in any success , that does not happen and then the moment you stop thinking about it and take a plan B .Boom it happens leaving with choices .
Whatever life is like like mountain road full of turns and never gives a hint what it unfolds. I rather like it this way then a straight road. If things go as planned ,there won't be any fun and adventure!


A Homemaker's Utopia said...

Loved the way of your expressing things..:-)Nice blog you have..Glad to have met you here.Keep blogging..:-)

Sag said...

thanks Nagini!

You have got a nice site and your painting,awesome. how do you manage this with kid(s)?

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