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Satyam Saga

From last week everywhere in new channels.. only news that is constantly shown is on satyam . For those who are unaware of it. This is how the story goes..

last week satyam CEO mr Ramalinga raju resigned to his post stating that the balance sheet of the company is manipulated and shows fictitious assets and does not shows liabilities.

then storm hit the markets.. share price dropped and full media roaring about it.

Media is powerful. Till last week, media described him as a legend and all political parties had good ties with him. Noe all of sudden he became a villan ,and no political party want to mention his name.

I don't support mr. Raju for making up the balance sheet and for that fraud. But i don't know i'm feeling sorry for him , His rise is tremendous and fall is dramatic. i do sympathy on the employees of satyam (around 50k employees). I wish the latest board of directors will drive the company well and will remove the insecurity from the heads of employees.


Indranee said...

Really this Satyam fiasco is the icing on the cake! I also feel sorry for all that has happened and hope the entire situation gets back to normal. It's high time the bigwigs learn from these mistakes and do not make the condition worse for the job seekers.

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