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New year resolutions

Happy new year!
like every year this time also as usual my resolutions are almost same
1. should try to put my best in relationships and my career
2. should not speak harsh words and hurt other people feelings
3. Should try to eco friendly ,use no plastic bags
4. at least one good deed like providing education for one poor child

i will stop this list here only. First 1 is not measurable. but i will do one thing ,if i feel i spoke harsh to some one ,i will write it down.(I'm sure my book will be full with entries..:) )
anyway happy new year ! may this year should bring peace to world. No more bombings or terrorist attacks on innocent people. God help us all!


Indranee said...

Thanks a ton for visiting and commenting on my blog! Liked going through your lovely blog and liked your new year resolutions as well:) I have some similar ones, though not sure how long I can follow them. Wish you a great year ahead!

newbie said...

Thanks Indranee!
I really like the way you pen your thoughts in your blog. May be slowly i can also get the art of writing.
Hmmm As far as new year resolutions goes,need to see how long i'm going to maintain and how much i can fulfill.

SriLekha said...

First time to ur blog and it is very nice!
hope and wish u follow them throughout the year!

newbie said...

Thanks Sri for your comment!
Hmmm yeah even i wish i should follow this through out year... Let me see...

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