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very unique wedding same as all others

this weekend i was busy in attending a weeding. normally i skip these kind of events or let my husband go. but this time i had to go as i know this father of the groom very well ,a very elderly man and he was persistant that we should attend it. Moreover he is my mother-in-laws relative .Combining everything ,vedict is i have to go... phew.

I made train reservations ,its a 5-6hr journey from my place. Mistake one: i opted for train, i wish i used some brain and would have hit road in our car. mistake 2: my husband Drove all the way to railway station and parked it there. i asked that parking guy how much it costs he said 120 for a day. Ok.. but those buggers charged 280 bucks for that.

another big mistake is not to book 2A or 3A. Its a sleeper. its a chilly and windy night. our berths were so cold and even though we managed to close all windows ,some how its very chilly and windy. and asusual with kids esp with my 13 months old i could hardly sleep.

Marriage: this guy wants to show how he can make this even the most talked in family circles. His son was working in Australia. He invited his austrailan boss and coleges to this wedding. they all flew from there. it was a three day marriage and a hybrid marriage with groom comming on a ghoda (rare in south Indian marriage and especially in our community) and he arranged a disco . next they they wanted to touch base lost traditions it seems, got the bride in a palanquin.
i heard people talking that you know what my grandmother also came in a 'palanquin'.

i felt very bore. I really hate attending marriages. I don't like to get dressed up in benaras or kanchi and gold .May be i'm not good at that. I prefer cotton to any other type. Anyway marriage was grand and every was talking about. and some people were busy in finding what went wrong. and some were showcasing their ornaments. and some in making matches,by bringing their most eligible bachelors and bragging about how much they earn. some times its really fun to watch this. but most often you get interrupted by some aunties ,talking to you .

i feel that waste a lot ,trying to show off to people whom we really don't care.


Indranee said...

Hey, nice to hear from you and see your comments! How are you doing? Great to read your post about the wedding! I can understand all the hectic schedules and crazy moments which go on in these situations, but really enjoyable. Keep posting!

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