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telangana issue..

This political battle in andhra(should i call AP?? ) is really bothering me from past few weeks.
I like hyderabad. i used to hate it when i moved back from banglore.. but slowly i got a hang of it..
Hyderabad.. hmmm yes delicious biryani(i'm a veggi.. even that tastes good) ,Its culture etc amazing..

my home town is in costal andhra . Now suddenly i became an alien in my own state.

I hate KCR for starting this regional thing out. I mean i'm not against his separatism etc,but the way he talks makes my blood boil. when you are a politician you should watch your language. who is he to give us protection?? we are indians and we can live at any place... its not their whim and wish! we are not living on his mercy??

my maid from telangana hardly knows this, other day she was asking me "is there a bandh tommorow" i said i'm not sure.. she was worried that her sons who goes to city to work cannot go ,this bandh makes situation worse for them..those who call for a bandh shoud pay to these innocent people.


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