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new mom

Its been 6 weeks sisnce baby is born . Let me tell you its not that hard but its not easy..

first thing i got most is advices. everyone from my maid to stranger in streets are giving tips on what to eat ,how to hold the baby etc..

i welcomed some advices and got scared of some advices.

1.Diet: this is the most favourite topic of advices. I did some experimenting with my diet as i have to loose some pounds.
Ghee: my mom's favourite ,she insisted that i have to eat loads of ghee.. as she did the same. But with my doctors brainwash(i took help of my doctor) she finally left it. Its always better to limit intake of fattty items. No fry's very less oil

Vegetables: again here my mom kept some restriction,its quite surprising to see opinons on the veggeis are quite contridictory.What ever my mom suggest's my mother -in -law say's that shud not be eaten and vice versa. So finally i took the call. Ate almost all vegetables ,ofcouse not too spicy and with less oil. So my advice is eat all vegetables.

water: many people adviced me not to drink much water. I ignored this completely. My doctor suggested to drink plenty of water as it boosts breastfeeding ,and helps in fighting against infections etc. It worked well. My tip is drink a large glass of warm water as soon as you get up (after brushing your teeth.. ) .This helps in reducing post pregnancy tummy. I looked 6 months pregnant after delivery,i had a c-section. now after 6 weeks i feel som eof that tummy is reduced. But its still there.. any tips on how to reduce it??


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