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hairy days

Long long time ago i blogged..

Bit busy these days... or nothing to update.... or scorching summer.... i can put blame on any of these things for not visiting my blog. :)

what all i did past days...I had a hair cut... its been a year since i got one... yeah my hair don't grow that doesn't bother me.. what bothers me is the volume of my hair ,its so thin ,on top of it it falls more .. luckily i have curly hair.. so it appears as if my hair is of normal volume

sometimes i feel that i may go bald someday.Some one suggested take zinc /folic acid /iron etc... but nothing showed a big impact on my hair.

My mom used to day take A&D capsules etc.. but i didn't find much useful.

But i do try constantly new tips and apply new oils etc.. though i know its of vein


new life and hope said...

hey try out coconut oil massage,
heat the oil let it be warm enough,
dip both your hand [thats figers ]then massage your scalp gently, keep doing this atleast for 15 mins, weekly thrice ,contact me @

sanskriti said...

try hair oil-Roots,It works
Soyamilk- soyapowder in lukewarm water

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