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Hmmm i feel that complex part in our lives is relationships.. spouse ,parents, siblings ,children whta ever be the name.. whomever we are..

is a relationship always demanding? well i ahve manyfriends who sweare it is.. whatever relationship you have u need to do constant homework to keep it on tracks.

here i want to talk about men-women relationships.. yeah.. correct.. not just married ,all other relationships what ever name we wnat to give.. live-in ,friends.. oops close friends.. everyone of us wants to have passion in our relationships ,some times this sparks may occur outside the relationships,we may name it as extra martial or illegal or whatever name it is.. its still a relationship between man and women . why this occur? well lets not count those which forms because of a three letter word 'sex' ,they are not a relationships at all mere one night stands ,which don't have emotional connection .

Well i believe intimacy is strong foundation to get deep into a relationship ,it keeps relationship stronger ,but an emotional quotient is also equally required.

Are we always happy in our relationships? are we adjusting in them like square pegs in round holes? whenever i read books which potrays high passionate love stories i just keep wondering will they really happen?


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